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At Sensor Development Inc, our miniature low pressure gauges are built using a patented sensing technology that allows not only for a much smaller gauge, but also an accurate device at any pressure level. We have the experience to custom build the exact gauge you need, no matter your industry.

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Custom-built, Miniature Low Pressure Gauges

Our technology allows not only for a smaller pressure gauge, but also means higher-quality results on low pressure ranges, low-cost installation, and long life for the product. We can custom build miniature low pressure gauges for your specific pressure range, orientation, mounting and connection specifications.

Benefits of Miniature Low Pressure Gauges

Benefits of Miniature Low Pressure Gauges

The industry standard, round, 63-millimeter pressure gauge uses up over six square inches on your control panel. That is a very large space for only one function.

At Sensor Development Inc, our unique, patented, direct-acting, miniature low pressure gauges take up half the space of other gauges. They are designed to provide the maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of space. A pressure range as low as 3 PSIG is standard, but not practical with other pressure sensing elements; but our patented pressure sensing element permits a much narrower construction and greater range.

Our custom-built miniature pressure gauges have a variety of benefits for both low pressure applications, including:

  • Compact, Space Saver
  • Low-Cost Installation
  • Operates Without Gears
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
  • Long Life
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Ideal for Graphic Panels
  • External Range Adjustment

Our Miniature Gauge Applications

Our Miniature Gauge Applications

Our compact, accurate, miniature low pressure gauges have many applications in technology and industry.

They are frequently specified by designers in medical or dental devices, laboratory apparatuses, as well as the HVAC and paper mill industries. The small size of our miniature pressure gauges is suitable for pneumatic control systems, and monitoring pressure for pneumatic power tools, and air-actuated valves and devices. Because these are custom built gauges, they can be built to any specifications, no matter what your application or need.

Available in a variety of low pressure ranges, our gauges can be supplied with imperial or metric scales as well as dual system scales; scales graduated in Millimeters of Mercury (Hg) and percentage of range are also available. Most scales can be designed in vertical or horizontal orientation, in one of three mounting options, and with specific connection options to meet your needs.

Custom Built Pressure Gauges to Your Specifications

Custom Built Pressure Gauges to Your Specifications

We custom build our miniature pressure gauges to order, ensuring consistency and measurement accuracy to needs and specifications.

Our gauges are available with a wide selection of ranges from 3 PSI to 100 PSI. Imperial, metric, and dual scale options are available, as are millimeters of mercury and percentage of range markings. Coupled with a miniature pressure regulator, a compact pressure control device is also available. Referred to as a Panel Loading Station, this device is available in a variety of low pressure ranges and display options.

Finally, our gauges can be built for vertical or horizontal installation and can even be ordered without mounting brackets if desired. Our analog pressure gauges requires no power source and can come fitted for either 1/16th or 1/8th inch tubing, or 10-32 female threading. Our miniature pressure gauges all use a unique, patented, direct-acting pressure sensor which offers outstanding features never before realized with sensing devices in low pressure ranges.

Miniature Pressure Gauges Custom-Built for You

When you contact Sensor Development Inc, you can request a call back from an engineer and expect a high-level discussion of your needs. So, call us today with your questions and specifications, using our direct answering line, 561-493-3133 for a quick response. We can build the exact miniature low pressure gauge that you need.